All times and costs are estimated.  To plan your time on the water, please contact 

The Quiet Cove (3 - 4 hours) $350 - $400

Guests climb aboard for a ride to any one or several quiet coves where we anchor for one to two hours. Guests can spend their time swimming, lounging on a water mat, taking a nap onboard and reading. Bring your own picnic or add a picnic to the Quiet Cove trip.


Shoreline Cottage Run (2.5 hours) $300


The shores of Lake Winnipesaukee boast an impressive collection of cabins, cottages, and waterfront estates. This trip celebrates the diversity of architecture and landscape design, and includes mainland as well as tours around several islands, including Governor’s Island, which is home to a “who’s who list” of Winnipesaukee celebrities.


Morning Loon Excursion (2.5 hours) $300

Early in the morning when the lake is like a mirror, wildlife is easy to spot. Guests enjoy a quiet ride beyond Meredith Bay, where they are very likely to see egrets, cranes, loons, and cormorants. This is an excellent trip for nature lovers, photographers and sight-seers alike. We recommend bringing along your camera and binoculars. This trip generally departs at 7:00am and returns to the Public Dock between 9:30 and 10:00am.


Sunset Tour (2 hours) $250

These are fantastic outings for couples seeking a different kind of date-night. Most guests depart the Public Docks around 7:30pm. The moon is full on June 20, July 19, August 18, and September 16 this season, so book ahead if moonlight draws you in.


Star Gazing Cruises (2.5 hours) $300

Similar to the Romantic Moonlight trip, seeing the stars from the middle of the lake offers spectacular night-time viewing. The best dates to choose surround a new moon (which occur this year on July 4, August 2, September 1 and October 1.) The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is August 12 this year, with outstanding viewing beginning late August 11th and continuing through the 12th. Scientists believe the shower will be particularly dense this year with up to 150 meteors visible per hour (assuming clear skies). Star gazing trips normally depart at 8:30pm returning guests to the Public Docks by 11:00pm (unless other arrangements are made).


Fall Foliage   (2 - 3 hours) $300 - $400

New Hampshire is famous for many things, including spectacular fall foliage. Grab your sweater and a few friends, and join us as we head out toward the Broads of Winnipesaukee where expansive views of the colored mountains are sure to impress. These trips depart morning, mid-day, and late afternoon from the Meredith Town Docks.


Sand Bar Playtime (4 – 5 hours) $450 - $500

There are several “sand bars” on Lake Winnipesaukee which are perfect for those seeking shallow water swimming with a sandy bottom. The areas tend to be quite popular, with boaters from around the area anchoring for hours at a time. This package is great for those who don’t mind sharing the lake with others, and is ideal for indulging a social scene while enjoying a picnic and drinks.


Add on Features:


Knotico is available for custom trips beginning at $150 per hour.  Custom trips may sustain a fuel surcharge depending on engine run time.  Contact us for further details.


Picnics Option: The Knotico picnic includes cold cuts, salads, bread, chips, fruit, cheeses, condiments, and some sweets. Picnics are $15 per person.


Deep water Drifting: Lake Winnipesaukee has a maximum depth of 212 feet in an area called the Broads. Over the years we have witnessed our guests slip into a tranquility as we shut off the engine and drift above the dark water below. Deep water drifting can be added at no charge, unless it extends the planned itinerary. Typically it adds 45-60 minutes to a package, so a surcharge of $100 is added.


We also provide:

Island Livery Services: Need supplies, or a guest pick-up or drop off? Consider our island livery service. All livery services have a base cost of $100, with a premium added based on location. (E.g. Cow Island area premium is $75, bringing the trip to $175.) Please review the livery pricing table for further information. Call today for reservations.


Wedding Party Arrivals and Departures: Perhaps you are planning a wedding at Church Landing or elsewhere on the Lake. Knotico provides a clean, safe, and dramatic entry for the bride, the bridal party or other distinguished guests. We also offer departures from the venue for the wedding party or invited guests who are staying on an island property for the night. Pricing begins at $150. Call today for reservations.


Cross-lake lunch and dinner runs: Knotico offers cross-lake trips to Wolfboro, the Weirs, Center Harbor, and Alton. Impress your date with a dinner date to “America’s Oldest Resort Town – Wolfboro”, or entertain a few of your buddies at the “Red Neck Riviera” in the Weirs. Prices include boat livery only. Meredith to Wolfboro ($220 round trip); Meredith to Weirs ($110 R/T); Meredith to Center Harbor ($200 R/T). Call today for reservations.


Special event excursions: Design your own party on the water, whether it’s a bachelorette gig, birthday swim fest, snorkeling trip, or a senior citizen outing.   Call today for special pricing.


Important Notes

All "tours" include pick-up at the Meredith Town Docks, gasoline, towels, at least two complementary beverages per passenger, light snacks, use of floating water mats, snorkels, masks, and free parking at Knotico HQ. Also, all trips are for your private party only. We do not “load-up” the boat, unless they are your invited guests.


Guests should bring sunscreen, lip balm, hats, bathing suit, a casual cover-up, soft-soled shoes or flip-flops, and a book to read should you choose to anchor during your voyage. You may also wish to bring a light sweater in the event of wind. All guests are returned to the Meredith Town docks, unless other arrangements have been made.


Please note that there is no smoking onboard Knotico. Pricing is determined by calculating engine run time, gas consumption, total time on the water, and package add-ons.